The sorcerer's apprentice

Robin Hamer

Browsing a second hand bookshop in the Bluecoat centre in Liverpool I came across Roger Lewin’s book Complexity.

Here was a new science that described the world as I knew it, a science of patterns and relationships. It changed the way that I thought and the direction of my work.


How complexity emerges out of deep simplicity fascinated me. It is a world where certainties don’t exist but knowledge does. Out of the relationships of the parts emerges the behaviour of the whole.

Complexity Schumacherback row third from left Brian Goodwin fourth from left Robin Hamer
second row second from right Fritjof Capra

By meandering ways my curiosity took me to Schumacher College in Devon where I studied under Brian Goodwin and Fritjof Capra, both significant contributors to complexity science.

Later I met and worked with Roger Lewin, the science writer who’s book I’d first discovered that documented the rise of this new way of thinking.

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