Meetings with remarkable people: Michael

Robin Hamer

St Petersburg

I first met Michael in St Petersburg.

Michael b&w With all of his experience and a big reputation in the design world Michael was simply Michael to me. We clicked and being around him has changed the way that I think.

Michael portrait colour

Michael was born in Russia but has lived nearly all his life in London. Recognised as one of the world’s most experienced practitioners in the design and brand world. He is famous for starting Wolff Olins agency in London in the 1960’s and going on to create iconic brands and identities.

Michael Brands

Michael is such an original thinker and I wondered how he held onto it.
“Being out of step was a gift.” he said “I realised I’d been out of step most of my life. Being out of step soon became hugely advantageous and enjoyable to me, especially as I quickly saw the inevitable mediocrity of being ‘in step’. In step was bad for me, and even worse for my clients.

Michael on the tracks

Michael and I have become close friends and worked on many projects together for Russian companies like Poidyom Bank, Knopka and Kaspersky Lab. In the Uk we have worked on a culture change program for 3, the mobile phone company and influenced how Kier, the construction company have linked organisational development work with their Brand.


Robin Hamer

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