Kanchenjunga "The Hidden Kingdom"

Robin Hamer

In 1992 we were one of the first groups to go to Kanchenjunga from Nepal, an area that had been shut for many years. Kanchenjunga is the third highest mountain in the world


Kanchenjunga 8586m third highest mountain in the world

We were pioneering a trekking route that visited base camp on the north side of the mountain and then crossed high passes to reach the southern approach. Starting the trek had peoples hearts in their mouths as we flew by Twin Otter to land on a strip that was no more than a field.

Twin Otter and group

The Kanchenjunga group flying in to the start by Twin Otter

Groups take on a life of their own. Handling the emotional ups and downs of 50 porters and 14 trekkers needed some awareness and skill. Each day we would be faced with some difficult ground where we were ‘not at home to Mr Cock up”.

Footpath to Kanchenjungafootpath on the way to Kanchenjunga north base camp

 Jannu 7710mJannu 7,710m, part of the Kanchenjunga massif

Everyone had moments when they faced their own doubts or struggled with the effects of altitude as we climbed higher. But we worked well together. There were lots of laughter and smiles so at the end of the month we finished as a strong and happy team.


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