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Robin Hamer

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“I’ve always wanted to do that” was something I got used to hearing as people gathered round after seeing my photos of Himalayan expeditions and I would wonder what was stopping them.
“Why not try,” I’d say “Why not go and do it.”  

In 1986 I listened to my own advice.

Lizzie and I often talked of having freedom if we worked for ourselves. How about helping others to enjoy the outdoors? Maybe there was a business in it.

A property came up for sale in the village of Longnor in the south western part of the Peak District National Park.

Building the far Cottage extension

Andrew, a friend, and Robin working on oak beams to go into the new extension at Far Cottage

Far Cottage new extension

Lizzie outside the backdoor admiring the finished extension

Far Cottage, was the buildings original name. We added to it by building a separate store for the equipment and extended the main building to become a stone barn conversion that slept ten people.

building the store at Far Cottage

Peter, my brother, and Robin building the equipment store and drying room where the old piggery used to stand

Finished Far Cottage equipment store

The completed equipment store whose outside walls were build as a climbing wall

Robin building

Proud builders, Andrew working on the roof and Robin drinking builders tea

It turned out to need a lot of building work and if we had known how much we probably wouldn’t have started. But we were naively confident and had loads of energy.

Far Cottage entrance

Far cottage situated in the village of Longnor in the Peak District

It was a warm, comfortable, aesthetic place where guests stayed in single or twin rooms with en-suite bathroom facilities. Great home cooked meals were enjoyed around a hand made oak refectory table that seated ten. Then afterwards there was always conversation as people relaxed on squashy sofas next to the cast iron stove. You get the picture.

Robin Hamer

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