How to grow people

Patricia Rooney

The thing I liked about working for Herman Miller in 1980‘s was that it grew people, and I can imagine it feeling like working for Google now or one of those creative companies.

Herman MillerThey took care of people and we took care of each other which generated a real creative buzz.  So I had a sense of being given freedom and at the same time allowed to develop my potential. It was like being in a fun supportive family yet we were serious about doing business. Herman Miller treated everyone with respect.

This is a creative and influential organisation. They had this place called Marigold Lodge in the US, right on the edge of a lake. It was like a farm, where they grow ideas.

Herman Miller chair

Herman Miller was about creating supportive working environments … we weren’t just selling office furniture. We were providing people with solutions, where they could work together to fulfill their potential. After all, organisations were spending large sums on recruiting high calibre staff, now they needed to make sure they kept them by providing the best possible work space.

Herman Miller

Patricia Rooney

Yoga teacher and holistic therapist