Working With Clients

Matthew Hamer

Each day I would guide new clients. Driving rough mud tracks was tricky as I tried to get close to the herds or looked for movement of predators in the bush. At times the focus was only on the driving especially when the ground was uneven and steepened.


Choosing the moment to stop and wait to see what was around was also hard especially if we had seen little. The guests had big expectations and I had to try and fulfill that without showing the anxiousness that I sometimes felt.

Back at the lodge at the end out the day I would be exhausted and part of me wanted to just rest but then I’d have to find new energy. My role was to also serving guests and join conversations about wildlife during the evening meal


It was good to hear clients say thank you and I liked hearing or reading the comments that were left after they’d departed especially when I had surprised them by finding both the big and the small animals.

When we saw something special the barriers come down, barriers of age and status, colour and language and we were together in the moment with the lion out hunting.


Sometimes we’d share the silence. Time would slow down and the space where the red earth met the sky would be big and wide.


Matthew Hamer

Game park nature guide and photographer